For sustainable living

The planet’s ecosystems are deteriorating and the climate is changing. We are consuming so much, and so quickly, that we are already living far beyond the earth’s capacity to support us.

We shall meet the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet theirs.

As sustainability is an integral part of Medolla Speciality Chemicals‘ vision and values, Olivatis® have been designed not only to deliver outstanding ingredients to the personal care world but also to deliver products that meet individual, social and environmental needs simultaneously. Olivatis® have been conceived with the strong commitment of creating value both inside and outside the company.

Sustainability of our Olivatis® starts with the choice of renewable, sustainable raw materials, first of all Olive Oil. Olive is a very ancient, very popular and very environmentally friendly plantation, as:

  • In no way Olive plantation involves deforestation.
  • Olive trees can be grown in extreme climatic conditions, where few other woody crops survive, thus resulting in a barrier to desertification and erosion.
  • Olive trees do not require high amounts of water. Seventy percent of the world’s olive orchards are rain fed, without water from irrigation and using only rainwater. In some regions of the Mediterranean, olive trees are grown with barely 200 mm of rain and constitute an essential source of livelihood for many sectors of the population.
  • Researches have demonstrated that, when the proper agricultural practices are applied, the carbon sink effect of olive trees is much greater than the amount of CO2 emitted to produce one product unit.

As we also are more and more concerned about deforestation, displacement of indigenous peoples and loss of biodiversity as consequences of palm oil consumption, most of Olivatis® are Palm-free (Olivatis® 12C, Olivatis® 15C, and Olivatis® 21), while for those containing palm-oil derivatives (Olivatis® 18 containing Cetearyl Alcohol and Olivatis® 20 containing Lauryl Glucoside), the RSPO Mass Balance certification is pending.

In addition to the choice of the most sustainable raw materials, Olivatis®’ manufacturing processes have been created to minimize the consumption of electricity, gas and water. Furthermore, processes do not generate wastes and emissions and do not require consumptions of water (except negligible amounts for cleaning vessels).

Chemical processes do not involve the use of toxic auxiliaries either and are carried out to minimize the potential of chemical accidents, such as releases, fires and explosions.

At last, the yield is basically 100 % of the raw materials used, net of reaction water.

For a sustainable living.

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