For sustainable living

With our Olivatis®, we take pride in not only offering excellent products but also in our commitment to sustainability. Our dedication to sustainability encompasses various aspects of our operations, from sourcing raw materials to the production processes and packaging.

Sustainability of our Olivatis® starts with the choice of renewable, sustainable raw materials, first of all Olive Oil. Infact, Olive is a very environmentally friendly plantation, as:

    • In no way Olive plantation involves deforestation. Promoting and practicing no deforestation policies in olive plantation helps preserve natural ecosystems and biodiversity.
    • Sustainable Olive plantation can act as a barrier to desertification by maintaining soil health and preventing land degradation.
    • Olive trees are known for their ability to thrive in arid conditions, making them a sustainable choice for regions where water scarcity is a concern and contributing to the sustainability of agricultural practices.
    • Olive trees help sequester carbon in the soil and biomass, contributing to overall carbon sequestration. Furthermore, the eventual use of organic farming practices not only avoids the use of synthetic fertilizers and pesticides, which can release harmful greenhouse gases into the atmosphere, but promote soil health and biodiversity, further enhancing carbon sequestration in olive orchards.

    As deforestation, displacement of indigenous peoples and loss of biodiversity as consequences of palm oil consumption are also a key issue, Olivatis® containing palm-oil derivatives (Olivatis 18® and Olivatis® 20) are RSPO Mass Balance certified. By ensuring that palm-oil derivatives come from certified sustainable sources, Olivatis® support responsible palm oil cultivation and avoid contributing to deforestation and human rights abuses.


    Olive Oil and Olive Oil fractions, such as fatty acids and glyceryne, used in the production of Olivatis® are upcycled from olive oil pomace, the byproduct resulting from the first pressure of olives to extract extra-virgin olive oil. By utilizing olive oil pomace, Olivatis® contribute to sustainability by reducing waste and creating valuable and sustainable substances from what would otherwise be discarded material.

    Olivatis’ commitment to sustainability goes beyond the use of renewable, sustainable raw materials.

    Our state-of-the-art, energy-efficient production processes minimize the consumption of electricity and gas, do not require consumptions of water and do not generate wastes and atmospheric emissions, leading to significant resource savings and reduced greenhouse gas emissions.

    At last, production processes do not involve the use of toxic auxiliaries either and are carried out to minimize the potential of accidents, such as releases of gaseous substances, fires and explosions, prioritizing the health and well-being of workers and surrounding community.

    For further information on our products, please don’t hesitate to contact us, we will be happy to be of assistance.