Olive Oil Polyglyceryl-6 Esters, Polyglyceryl-6 Pentaoleate

Olivatis® 12C is a palm-free, non-ionic, viscous liquid, W/O emulsifier, suitable for hot and cold manufacturing, with excellent skin feel despite its very high water resistance.

The superficial film created by Olivatis® 12C is water resistant, but is light, almost unperceivable.

Olivatis®12C maintains a pleasant level of skin hydration and leaves skin smooth and soft. Olivatis® 12C confers to W/O emulsions those characteristics of lightness, easy spreadability, freshness, reduced greasiness and absence of tackiness, typical of W/O emulsions.

Olivatis® 12C works best with mixtures of oils and esters. Although it is a broad range emulsifier, it is recommended to use an Olivatis® 12C/oil ratio of 1:4 – 1:5. Olivatis® 12C is very versatile and forms stable, shiny, not tacky W/O emulsions, with a good spreadability.

In make up products, Olivatis® 12C is a very effective dispersant of powders, from “fillers” such as talc and kaolin, to coloured iron oxides and lakes and improve brilliance of colours in lip gloss and colour cosmetics, as well.

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