Olive Oil Peg-8 Esters

Olivatis® 15C is produced by an exclusive transesterification process that allows the substitution of the glyceric fraction of olive oil with PEG-8.

This exclusive process, without direct condensation with ethylene oxide, makes olive oil easily available in water systems, maintaining the composition infatty acids and in unsaponifIcable fractions.

The resulting product is a water soluble, practically odorless, clear, yellow liquid, free of impurities and suitable for use in detergents, tonics, lotions, aqueous or hydro alcoholic solutions, where the outstanding emollient and lubricant properties of olive oil are appreciated.

Thanks to its mildness, Olivatis® 15C is suitable for leave on products as well.

Olivatis® 15C for new concept toiletries

Olivatis® 15C has both superfatting and detergents properties and at 1-5% concentrations in toiletries helps reducing dryness of hair scalp and skin after use.

Olivatis® 15C is completely water-soluble, does not affect foaming, is suitable for transparent shampoos, tonics, body and and facial wash, leaving products crystal clear.

Thanks to its faint color, Olivatis® 15C does not modify the color of finished products, allowing formulators to make easily all possible shades.

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