FORMULATION #219: Baby Diaper Cream with Olivatis 18

It is very important to adequately protect the baby’s skin, in fact, the baby’s skin is still fragile and is likely to get irritated. This sensitivity makes the skin much more vulnerable to the sun, wind, dust and irritating substances, and baby’s skin turns red very easily.

To avoid damaging the skin barrier, it is possible to protect the skin of the little ones with moisturizers and specific substances, in order to create a protective layer against the outside world.

The variety of products is really big, and we can choose the right cream according to the baby’s skin type and needs. Thanks to the versatility of Olivatis 18, it is possible to create products that meet these needs in a simple and quick way.

The formulation that we present wants to be an alternative and, at the same time, an integration to the classic valid products based on zinc oxide or rice starch.

We used Olivatis 18 as a completely non-irritating natural emulsifier, which therefore is the emulsifier of choice for a baby product.

Olivatis 18 allows the  creation of formulations enriched with naturally derived ingredients, safe, with known soothing properties for the skin, such as allantoin, olive oil, organic Aloe extract (Medxtract Aloe 1:2 organic) and panthenol, without hinder to their activity.

Once applied with a small and delicate massage session, this cream nourishes and relieves the symptoms of dry skin, and it will certainly be appreciated by children as a relaxing and fragrant cuddle.